The Oct. 11 front-page article “U.S. rivals lobby against Chinese firm” suggested Cisco has engaged in a lobbying campaign against Huawei on Capitol Hill regarding national security issues. The article described a Cisco marketing document that compiled published views and concerns from around the world regarding Huawei. The article reported, “Senior Hill staffers at three separate congressional offices say an array of American tech firms have lobbied them to increase scrutiny of Huawei, using language similar to Cisco’s campaign.”

We have been engaged in China for almost 20 years, supplying Internet routing and switching equipment that has resulted in billions of people being connected to the global Internet. We compete vigorously with Huawei in the marketplace, as we do with other competitors.

However, we have not engaged in a lobbying campaign with the House intelligence committee against Huawei on national security issues, and the marketing document was not distributed nor its contents used for lobbying on Capitol Hill. Rather, in response to a request we received from the committee, we provided staffers with publicly available information about the intellectual-property litigation between us and Huawei that occurred in 2003 and 2004. This was the extent of our involvement.

Mark Chandler, San Jose

The writer is general counsel and a senior vice president of Cisco.