The Sept. 11 timeline released Thursday by senior intelligence officials [“CIA rushed to rescue envoys in Libya siege,” front page, Nov. 2] did a good job of explaining how local CIA security operatives responded to the attack on our consulate and annex in Benghazi, but it left us in the dark about what was going on simultaneously in the White House.

No one expects President Obama to try to answer fog-of-war questions that still need to be investigated, but there’s no reason he can’t reveal exactly what information he received during the attack and what he did about it. Those are facts within his knowledge, and he shouldn’t keep them shrouded in secrecy until after the election. He’s our commander in chief, and the American people have a right to know how he handled the crisis so they can take that into account in deciding whether he deserves four more years in office.

John D. Hartigan, Chevy Chase