Prince George’s County Public Schools CEO Kevin M. Maxwell speaks on Feb. 10, 2016, in Upper Marlboro. (Mark Gail/For The Washington Post)

The latest news coming out of Prince George’s County schools — unauthorized pay raises for central-office employees, on the heels of grade-fixing and graduation scandals — should come as no surprise to those who followed schools chief Kevin M. Maxwell’s tenure in neighboring Anne Arundel County [“School board bloc: Pay hikes improper,” Metro, March 8]. There, he dramatically increased central-office salaries for bureaucrats and cronies who contributed nothing to in-classroom learning. He routinely showed disdain for parents’ concerns and the challenges faced by teachers, and he routinely sparred with the County Council and executive over budgets.

The “Maxwell lesson” for all Marylanders is that when there is no all-elected school board and no accountability for school leaders, greed and ego come before school performance.

Christopher Doherty, Tracy's Landing