Supporters of D.C. voting rights posed with a Metrobus featuring a pro-D.C. statehood slogan. (Maggie Fazeli Fard/The Washington Post)

Regarding the Oct. 23 news article “Russia wants to observe U.S. voters on Election Day. Three states said no.”:

As a politically active resident of the District, I would be delighted to have Russian observers at the polling place that I have staffed almost every Election Day since voting for president and vice president was finally allowed in the District.

I would like to show them what it means for residents of the District to be treated more like subjects than citizens. As an elected delegate to two Democratic National Conventions, I learned that delegates from other states don’t understand that we have no voting representation in Congress. None. But do we pay federal taxes? We sure do. They think we don’t. This is equally true of most Americans.

I have lived in two foreign countries not generally known for stellar democratic practices. But did citizens of Madrid and Mexico City get to vote for voting members of their national legislatures? They certainly did, and we don’t. Perhaps the citizens of Moscow and the District have more in common than they — or we — think. I invite them to visit the Precinct 15 polling place, at 16th and P streets NW, and we can chat about what rights are guaranteed by the consent of the governed.

Susan Meehan, Washington