As a civic-minded geezer in Virginia who votes in every election, I can hardly wait to see if the nice ladies behind their table at my voting precinct will require me to produce photo identification in accordance with the Republican-sponsored law scheduled to go into effect next year [“McDonnell: Virginia in ‘limbo’ on changes to any voting laws,” news, June 26].

On principle, I will refuse to present such a photo ID because I’m convinced the law is stupid, unnecessary and discriminatory. I know people who don’t have and don’t carry photo IDs. They should not be required to obtain one, nor should they be disenfranchised. Upon my anticipated refusal, will I — as a model citizen, retired U.S. Navy officer, taxpayer, etc. — be disenfranchised? Oh, that could make an interesting lawsuit.

From what I’ve been able to learn, claims of significant voter fraud have been proved false after exhaustive investigation. I certainly hope our dysfunctional Congress can get itself together to pass new voting rights guidelines that will ensure states will not be able to place mean-spirited, subtle and needless impediments in the way of our basic right as citizens to vote.

Ed Nanas, Gainesville