In his Dec. 15 letter, Michael Cardinale defended Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s views on gay marriage with the argument that marriage is all about fertility. My family’s experience is otherwise.

When my mother’s cousin Celia (age 78) married for the first time — to a charming widower named Russ (age 80) — the entire family turned out for the wedding. Standing on the church steps with rice in hand, my mother’s cousin Doris Jean turned to Mom and asked, “Isn’t this rice supposed to be a fertility symbol?” When my mother said that that was her understanding of the symbolism, Doris Jean quipped, “We might as well take it home and cook it.”

Uncooked rice notwithstanding, Celia and Russ’s marriage was fertile with love, and the whole family blossomed with happiness at their union. If anyone is unable to see God’s love at work in the union of two people merely because they will not be procreating, that is the fault of his or her unwillingness to see, rather than a lack of evidence.

Ralph Watkins, Silver Spring