The latest draft of DDOT’s citywide transportation plan, moveDC, calls for a massive expansion of transit and cycling facilities throughout the District, plus new tolls on car commuters. If it actually becomes the template for DC’s transportation, the plan will be one of America’s most progressive.

DDOT released the latest version of moveDC last Friday, launching a month-long public comment period in anticipation of a D.C. Council hearing on June 27. Following that, the mayor will determine any changes based on the comment period, and adopt a final plan likely this summer.

What’s in the plan?

Amid the hundreds of specific recommendations in the plan, a few major proposed initiatives stand out:

●A vastly improved transit network, with 69 miles of streetcars, transit lanes, and improved buses.

●A new Metrorail subway downtown.

●A massive increase in new cycling infrastructure, including the densest network of cycletracks this side of Europe.

●Congestion pricing for cars entering downtown and traveling on some of D.sC.’s biggest highways.

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