Heather A. Conley and Charles Gati’s May 27 Outlook essay, “Why Donald Trump loves Viktor Orban,” using the usual trope of anti-Semitism and undemocratic governing, attacked Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary. Recently he won an overwhelming victory in a democratic election and promised to continue his “Hungary first” policy, which is reminiscent of the “America first” slogan.

The charge of anti-Semitism is raised several times without a single verifiable instance mentioned. The invitation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for Mr. Orban to visit Israel was not mentioned. Why would Mr. Netanyahu invite an anti-Semite to Israel?

Building a wall on the Serbia-Hungary border to prevent illegal entry is criticized, yet the United States is doing the same on its own border. If it is acceptable to do it here, why is it wrong for Hungary to do it while fulfilling its obligation under the Schengen Agreement?

There are alternate ways of democratic governing. Mr. Orban decided to do it his way, and his people agree with him.

Csaba K. Zoltani, Lutherville, Md.