In her May 7 letter, Elizabeth Mueller seemed baffled as to why a Costco gas station in Wheaton would help make up for the lack of gas stations in Bethesda [“Gas shortage? Not in Montgomery”]. Costco opened in Wheaton to service customers from all parts of southern Montgomery County and northern D.C. Costco would never have opened in Wheaton to satisfy the needs of only Kensington and Wheaton residents, because their numbers are not sufficient to support such a major undertaking. Residents from many parts of Montgomery County, including Bethesda and Chevy Chase, view the presence of a gas station with prices approximately 15 cents per gallon less than those at surrounding stations as a major inducement to join Costco and to shop there.

Many of those opposing the Costco gas station in Wheaton chose to live adjacent to a major regional shopping center and are now elevating their individual fears over the collective necessity for Wheaton to be economically redeveloped. Failure to bring jobs, businesses and other forms of economic growth to Wheaton will result in it continuing to be a center for pawn shops and check-cashing facilities instead of the vibrant community that it can and should be.

Bruce N. Shulman, Silver Spring