Joe Davidson’s July 23 Federal Diary column [“Bills under consideration by House panel are seen as attacks on federal employees”] reported that Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan.) has proposed legislation “to give individuals a new tool to fight back . . . when a government official comes calling.” What is she talking about? I am over 80 years old and have never had a government official come calling on me.

In fact, as a former congressional staffer, I know that all 435 members spend a lot of time responding to their constituents’ pleas that the government pay more attention to them. They want to know what happened to their veteran’s compensation claim or their Social Security check or the passport they applied for six weeks ago. Those constituents would be delighted if a government official would come calling with the information they requested or their passport in hand.

I wonder why Ms. Jenkins would expect her constituents to want to pick a fight with such messengers.

Peter M. Storm, Vienna