Regarding the Oct. 18 front-page article “Both sides renew fight for the key support of women,” the Oct. 25 news article “Mourdock brings social issues to fore again” and general coverage of the role of “women’s issues” in this election:

I need your help, urgently. There are just a few days left before I am to vote in my first election, and I have so many questions. I have registered to vote, but how do I sign up as a “woman voter”? I must have missed the indoctrination lessons — what am I supposed to vote for? Are there uniforms? How can I fit in voting between worrying about birth control, dieting and finding home decor ideas on Pinterest?

The 160 million women in this country do not think identically. Fun fact: Women care about things besides abortion and birth control, because women have purposes besides reproduction. 

You may argue that the politicians are the ones pandering for female votes, but as powerful figures in journalism, you help set the tone and agenda of our nation’s political discussion. I ask that you do so with more responsibility.

Jennifer Sholar,

Berkeley, Calif.