The political-correctness police have started their ritual — it happens about every decade or so — of beating the drums to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something less offensive to them [“What else to name the Redskins,” letters, Feb. 16]. In their honor, I suggest the new name of the local NFL team be the Washington Thinskins.

This hypersensitive crowd is always looking for some reason to be offended. No one names a sports team after something to be disliked, and that is the case with these other professional teams: Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Golden State Warriors and Chicago Blackhawks. 

Are there no more important issues these days? There are many NFL team names that may offend thin-skinned and hypersensitive people: Do atheists hate the Saints? Do socialists despise the Patriots? Are short people (sorry, “vertically challenged”) offended by the Giants and Titans? Do environmental activists dislike Chargers, Jets and Steelers? And surely animal-rights extremists cannot appreciate the Bears, Bengals, Broncos, Cardinals, Colts, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Rams, Ravens and Seahawks.

Where and when does such ridiculousness stop? If the Redskins name is changed, then so should the Blackhawks, Braves, Chiefs and all the others.

My preference is for the heritage of American Indians to be honored by maintaining the status quo.  

Charles H. Cunningham,