Regarding the July 27 Metro article “Autism in adults is a challenge for parents”:

As both a parent to an autistic child and an autistic adult, I am horrified by The Post’s inability to even entertain the humanity of autistic people. Locking up children in their homes is abuse. It is not a “least bad” decision. If those children were typically developing, would we even be defending the parents?

Autistic people have the same rights as anyone else. The fact that I needed to type that sentence in 2014 is incredibly disturbing to me.

When your reaction to this type of abuse is to defend abusers and not victims, something is wrong with you. When we defend abusers of disabled people, we make it easier for such abuse to happen again. I don’t care how difficult it is to put up with me, I do not deserve to be locked in a basement without any of my basic needs being met. That is torture, not a “least bad” decision.

I can’t think of one situation where abusive treatment would be justified.

Where is the empathy for us? The Post seems to be missing that a lot of the time.

Lei Wiley-Mydske,

Stanwood, Wash.