Did you hear the one about the comedian who punched a reporter in the face for heckling him on Twitter?

That happened this past week at the “Funniest Celebrity in Washington” competition at the Improv comedy club in Dupont Circle.

The combatants: comedian Dan Nainan and Daily Beast foreign policy reporter Josh Rogin. Nainan — whose Web site features, among other images, a picture of him and Donald Trump — apparently took umbrage at Rogin’s tweets critical of his routine. Sample jibe: “Dan Nainan was funny until he dusted off his 2005 Katrina jokes in a gratingly bad GWB impression.”

Nainan approached Rogin after his act and punched him in the face, pushed him, then took two more swings (only one of which connected), according to Rogin. Nainan denied that, telling The Post’s Reliable Source he was simply standing up for the other comedians on the stage that night. Nainan was arrested and charged with simple assault.

One would think that a comedian who has almost 480,000 Twitter followers and has performed for the Donald might have thicker skin. Rather than punch Rogin, Nainan should have followed Jerry Seinfeld’s lead and gone to the Daily Beast’s offices to heckle the heckler while he worked.

Dan Nainan, for taking your punch lines a little too literally, you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something.

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