Titletown we ain’t.

The last time Washington celebrated a championship in a big-time pro sport was way back in 1992, when the Redskins topped the Buffalo Bills to win the Super Bowl. (Yes, we know that D.C. United won the Major League Soccer title in 2004, but in spite of our love for the beautiful game, it’s not a major sport in the United States — yet.)

Despite those woes, hope has sprung eternal (doesn’t it always?), particularly this summer, as the Washington Nationals started to piece things together. The team ripped off an eight-game winning streak and, with a win Thursday, crested the .500 mark — the first time the team has had a winning record this late in a season since October 2005.

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! D.C. is back!

Then Nats manager Jim Riggleman quit. Parade officially rained on.

Riggleman’s “take my ball and go home” move came after a prolonged behind-the-scenes dispute about whether his contract would be extended after the season.

“I’m 58,” Riggleman said by way of explanation. “I’m too old to be disrespected.”

Ha! If politics in this town has taught us anything, it’s that you are never too old to be disrespected, Jim.

The Riggleman news effectively turned lemonade into lemons for D.C. sports fans looking for a reason to believe again. And it wasn’t the only sour news of the week.

Donovan McNabb, the man who was going to save the Skins, was caught working out with his old team — the Philadelphia Eagles. “It’s really like working out with family members,” McNabb explained to a Philadelphia television station. Oof.

D.C. sports fans, for playing the ever-hopeful Charlie Brown to the football-swiping Lucy, you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something.

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By Chris Cillizza