The e-mail story just keeps getting worse for Hillary Clinton, says The Post's Chris Cillizza, and on top of it, Democratic rival Bernie Sanders leads her in a poll. (Tom LeGro/The Washington Post)

Who had the worst week in Washington? Hillary Clinton.

“I believe I have met all of my responsibilities, and the server will remain private.”

That was Hillary Clinton in March, insisting that her private e-mail server, which she used exclusively to send and receive e-mails during her time as secretary of state, was nobody else’s business.

This past week, she turned that server over to the FBI, along with a thumb drive that has on it thousands of e-mails she sent as secretary. The agency has been looking into the security of the unusual e-mail setup.

On the same day that news broke, it was reported that the intelligence community’s inspector general had found four e-mails that traveled across the server (among the 40 the State Department allowed him to look at) that contained classified information — including two that had “top secret” material.

In addition to previously insisting that the server need not be turned over, Clinton had said that she never sent or received any classified information on it. Whether the information the inspector general found was labeled as “classified” at the time she sent or received it remains murky.

Clinton and her campaign team did everything they could to cast the handing over of the server as part of her attempt to be totally cooperative — despite what they say are spuriousness allegations of wrongdoing. “This kind of nonsense comes with the territory of running for president,” communications director Jennifer Palmieri said.

But, really, not. This is the sort of thing that seems to follow the Clintons around. Clinton desperately needs her campaign to be about the future, but will the ongoing — and seemingly never-ending — look into her e-mail practices remind voters too much of the past?

Hillary Clinton, for doing exactly what you said you wouldn’t have to do, you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something.

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