Hey Steve Cohen, your true colors are shining through.

Cohen, the Memphis Democratic House member whose previous claim to fame was a viral video of him “dancing” to rap music at a campaign event in 2010, tried to pull a fast one on the political world this week.

On Sunday night, he attended the White House’s tribute to soul music and, afterward, tweeted at Cyndi Lauper — of 1980s rock-pop fame — “great night,couldn’t believe how hot u were.see you again next Tuesday.” He then immediately deleted the tweet.

Speculation swirled as to what Cohen was doing — particularly because the congressman had drawn attention by exchanging tweets with a 24-year-old model in February. Cohen later explained that the woman in question was his daughter, whom he had found out about just three years ago.

It turns out that the episode with Cohen’s daughter was directly tied to the Lauper incident. Cohen, seeking some payback, said Friday he purposely wrote and then deleted the tweet to Lauper — knowing it would pique the media’s curiosity and allow him to talk more about an upcoming PBS documentary on soul music in Memphis.

“In this age, which I learned a couple of months ago in a situation with some very innocent and loving tweets to my daughter, I discovered that the best way to get a message out is to tweet and delete, because the press will instantaneously assume something nefarious, something salacious, and jump on it,” Cohen said.

Cohen proved his point — that point being that a member of Congress can still act like a high school kid time after time.

Steve Cohen, for trying to hide a tweet away from the rest of the world, you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something.

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