Sunny stole the spotlight at the White House Christmas celebration, earning the second first dog the title of Worst Week in Washington. (The Washington Post)

Sunny Obama bit off more than she could chew this past week.

It all started so innocently. On Wednesday, first lady Michelle Obama hosted a group of children at the White House for some holiday arts and crafts. And she brought along Sunny, a Portuguese water dog who joined the first family back in August. Kids love dogs! It’s a match made in heaven, right?

In theory, yes. But Sunny had other ideas. Feeling frisky, she approached Ashtyn Gardner , a 2-year-old girl from Alabama. Ashtyn backed away, right into another child’s walker. And down she went. Cameras flashed, and every moment of the sniffing and subsequent tumble was splashed across the Internet.

The first lady sprung into action, helping pick up little Ashtyn and making a more proper introduction between girl and dog. Sunny complied, licking Ashtyn’s face.

Sunny isn’t the first dog to behave badly this year in Washington. Who could forget J.J. the bulldog, the mascot-in-waiting for my beloved Georgetown Hoyas? After he spent 15 months training to do what he was born to do, the powers that be decided that J.J. just wasn’t cut out for the gig. The tipping point? Also an incident involving a young child.

Sunny, for hitting a ruff patch, you had the worst week in Washington. Congrats, or something.

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