A banner reading ”Abortion is OK” is seen in the air above the Alabama State Capitol building on May 15 in Montgomery, Ala. (Elijah Nouvelage/For The Washington Post)

Regarding the May 15 front-page article “Nation’s strictest ban on abortion passes in Ala.”:

Here we go again. Alabama has criminalized abortion, using the justification that “Alabamians stand firmly on the side of life.” In reality, though, Alabama legislators seem to stand firmly on the side of birth, because once the baby arrives, they don’t care about it nearly as much. Alabama has rejected the Medicaid expansion available under the Affordable Care Act, despite the recommendation of a 2015 task force and the continued lobbying of the Alabama Hospital Association. No Alabama counties appeared on a 2019 U.S. News & World Report list of the 500 healthiest communities. That publication ranks Alabama 49th out of all states as a place to live, placing it dead last in education and in the bottom six in health care, economy, opportunity, and crime and corrections. Not exactly encouraging news for a child coming into the world.

I would be more inclined to believe the “pro-life” mantra if the state legislators paid more attention to taking care of citizens who have been born, rather than devoting time and energy to fetuses.

Susan Weinmann, Rockville

Women in Alabama have just lost their personhood. They are now forced breeders. Like dumb cows, they will be monitored by doctors who are required by law to keep them pregnant until delivery.

The time before the 13th Amendment is alive and well in Alabama. Welcome to the new Old South.

Eileen McClure Nelson, Burke

The writer is a former board member of
NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia.