Regarding the Dec. 18 front-page article “President calls for proposals on guns”:

Don’t get sad, get mad. Midnight vigils for the dead in Newtown, Conn., are comforting, and surely we all need that. But too many people have taken a throw-up-your-hands conviction that nothing can be done, that the gun lobby is too strong and Congress too fearful for meaningful change in our gun laws.

Let us take a page from Latin America, where Argentine mothers of “disappeared” children protested in the streets, banging pots and pans against a regime much scarier than the National Rifle Association (NRA). Advocates of gun control must march on Congress now, led by police forces from around the country, and surround the Capitol until laws are passed.  

It is likely that the NRA is a house of cards. Its funding isn’t overwhelming, its industry only mid-size and its political clout is shrinking. The group’s influence has the look of shadows cast on cave walls by dwarfs, outsize and insubstantial. Things are true until they’re not: Gun laws are ripe for change.

Susanna Membrino, Bethesda