Regarding Ezra Klein’s May 12 column, “GOP elephant in the room: Themselves”:

Using the writings of prestigious authorities to back him up, Mr. Klein said that the GOP has moved so far to the right as to be out of the mainstream while the Democratic Party has remained inclusive.

From my perspective, Democrats have moved in lockstep to the left, while Republicans have remained reasonably inclusive. How many “Blue Dog Democrats” are there now? And where are the Democrats who believe that “the era of big government is over,” as Bill Clinton proclaimed.

Each party always accuses the other of being out of the mainstream. It’s tiresome. But there is a simple test to see who is right, Mr. Klein or me. That test is the November election. If the Democrats win back the House and hold onto the Senate, Mr. Klein is most likely right. If the Republicans hold onto the House and take the Senate, I probably am. In the end, the losing party will probably self-correct. This is the way American democracy works.

Wallace Manheimer, Chevy Chase