The fallacy of Dana Milbank’s criticism of President Obama’s leadership on gun control [“Too slow on the trigger,” Sunday Opinion, March 31] was revealed in the latter part of his column, where he pointed out that the gun lobby has prevailed even on background checks, an issue that has 90 percent public approval. If Republicans in thrall to the National Rifle Association are willing to obstruct passage of any meaningful gun-control legislation in the face of such overwhelming public support, why would anyone expect a different outcome if the president had pushed for legislation immediately after the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School?

The real culprits are Republican obstructionists who are determined to fight any and all proposals from Mr. Obama, as well as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who lack the courage to stand up to the NRA. The next heartbreaking tragedy from unrestricted access to guns is on their heads.

Raymond K. Smith, Fairfax

The writer is a volunteer with Organizing for Action.