Palestinian protesters run for cover from sound grenades and tear gas shot by Israeli troops during clashes in Hebron in the West Bank. (Abed Al Hashlamoun/European Pressphoto Agency)

Steven Levitsky and Glen Weyl pointed out the " ethical dilemma for American Jews: Can we continue to embrace a state that permanently denies basic rights to another people?" They fear this policy threatens Israel's very existence, as the nation's permanent subjugation of Palestinians "will inevitably isolate it from Western democracies."

The primary source of Israel’s ultranationalist mind-set comes from settlers, who wield increasing influence on the government. Settlers, many from the United States and Russia, go to the West Bank and East Jerusalem, confiscating Palestinian land and harassing neighboring Palestinian villages. They receive a lot of support from Christian Zionists here in the United States.

As the authors suggested, all goods made in Israel should be boycotted as the only effective means to induce Israel to abstain from its discriminatory policies.

Doris Rausch, Columbia