Regarding Henry Olsen’s Sept. 21 Washington Forum column, “Whose vision?”:

I am a lifelong conservative Republican who grew up in a large, struggling family and had to do it all myself. I have been working since I was 9. I was deeply impressed by Ayn Rand and her Objectivism but, fortunately, learned of the selfishness and coldness of her philosophy and abandoned her extremism while continuing to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and self-reliance. However, as President Obama has said, I didn’t build anything all by myself. To ignore the infrastructure that supports us all is folly.

Living in Virginia, I follow with strong interest the Senate race between Tim Kaine and George Allen, both of whom were good governors. I had not made up my mind for whom to vote until I just heard George Allen’s radio ad spouting the same, trite clichés: “Stop excessive regulations and taxes on job-creating small-business owners, etc.” I am a minority partner in a small business that supports the federal government, and every job we establish is created not by us but by the government.

So, in response to Mr. Olsen and his excellent presentation of common sense, I dispute only this point: “I will vote for [Mitt] Romney despite his flaws. The alternative is unacceptable. In this matter, I really have no choice.”

Yes, Mr. Olsen, you do have a choice, just as I do. I will vote for Mr. Obama, a man who continues to display the decency and integrity of the kind of Republicans we all miss

J.F. Fisher, Stafford