When planning the 2012 Crystal Ball election-prediction contest, Outlook decided to go to the experts: astrologers. After all, in the movies, these are the folks who work with actual crystal balls. Right?

Outlook not so good.

“A lot of people don’t realize the difference between someone who is psychic and an astrologer,” Eugenia Last, a syndicated columnist who calls herself “the astrological Ann Landers,” wrote in an e-mail declining our request. Filling out our ballot, she wrote, “would entail having the birth data for all candidates involved for all seats up for grabs. This would necessitate literally hundreds of charts based on accurate data and plenty of time to decipher.”

Georgia Nicols, another widely syndicated astrologer, voiced similar concerns and also turned us down. Another problem? She’s Canadian.

“I am up in Canada,” Nicols wrote in an e-mail. “Although I follow U.S. politics with great interest, I have not studied the charts of all your politicians to make an educated prediction.”

However, she wrote that she had studied President Obama’s prospects and is confident that he will defeat Mitt Romney.

“What I clearly see from Obama’s chart is that he will be at his most powerful — in terms of the harvest of his career — in the year 2015,” she wrote. “He will really kick ass then.”

Justin Moyer, Outlook editorial aide

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