Traffic in San Francisco. (David Paul Morris/Bloomberg New)

The Oct. 26 news article “Calif. blasts Trump plan to freeze fuel standards” offered an example of how this administration pushes policy that goes against fundamental values of Democrats and Republicans.

The automobile industry (which, in recent history, has supported the free-market policies and lower environmental standards of the Republican Party) has stated that it supports working toward greater fuel efficiency. Thirteen states and the District have adopted California’s stricter fuel-efficiency standards.

Issues such as this should provide opportunities to promote bipartisan unification. By freezing standards, one is, in effect, saying we don’t support strides toward improvement and efficiency that would cut future costs (financial, human health and environmental). While the platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties would focus on different reasons to support stricter fuel-efficiency standards, there are, without a doubt, benefits for industry and the country in supporting this policy.

There does not need to be a trade-off between what provides economic gain vs. protection for environmental and human health. The backing from companies such as General Motors and Ford illustrates that, as they have already invested in more efficient technologies, staying at a standstill would likely lead to a financial loss rather than a gain. There should be bipartisan support for working toward greater fuel efficiency because of economic gains and the administration’s obvious infringement on states’ rights.

Tara Flint, Washington