The Washington Capitals’ season ended May 12, and that was quickly followed by an annual tradition — the virtual disappearance of coverage of the Caps from The Post’s Sports section.

In the past five weeks, there have been a few paragraphs here and there, reporting that the Caps would not resign popular veterans Mike Knuble and Jeff Halpern, and an article previewing this weekend’s draft, but Post columnists have been almost entirely silent about the team and the decisions it faces in the offseason, such as what coach to hire and whether to re-sign one of the team’s top scorers.

Even though the Caps are the second-most popular team in town, based on 2011 TV ratings, The Post offers much more offseason analysis of the Redskins, Nationals and even the Wizards than of the Caps.

Why is this so? Do the editors and columnists just not care enough about the team, or do they not know enough to offer any valuable insight? I’m not sure which is worse.

Eric Fingerhut, Bethesda