Regarding the May 22 Metro article “Montgomery school employees set to receive raise”:

In the past three years, the Montgomery County school system has been through a period of abnormal enrollment growth, with larger class sizes as a result. When my daughter starts kindergarten this fall, her class will likely have 26 children, whereas my son had only 17 classmates in the same grade and school just two years ago.

Additionally, more students are qualifying for free and reduced-price meals. This has been particularly acute in the southeastern portion of the county, where a rise in population has been accompanied by increasing poverty.

In this context, what circumstances justify these employee raises? Such a decision is particularly worrisome when the county’s fiscal situation is still uncertain, due in part to coming increases in state taxes and the shift of teacher retirement contributions to the county.

As a taxpayer, I am deeply concerned about the impact of this proposal on the fiscal situation of the county, and I wonder why the school system is rewarding itself. As a parent, I ask why the money spent on raises is not being used to restore services that were cut within the system.

Santiago Gassó, Silver Spring