The Post finds terrifying the potential of the BuyPartisan App [“Democrat? Republican? There’s an app for that,” editorial, Aug. 18]. Fortunately, I don’t scare quite as easily.

I see the app as potentially useful. I boycott local businesses that are foolish enough to put their names behind candidates or issues with which I strongly disagree. Why would anyone suppose that I do otherwise?

If an individual supports candidates or causes with which I disagree, I say, “This is the United States, and I will defend that person’s right to support ideas and candidates as he or she chooses.” Businesses, on the other hand, are not people, even if some in Washington seem to disagree with that notion. If a business chooses to support, through political action committees or signs or advertisements, things that I oppose, I see no reason that I should provide that business with my hard-earned cash. There are usually other good options available.

David L. Blackburn, Mount Airy, Md.