I would like to add one more reason to those listed by Helen M. Alvaré and Meg T. McDonnell concerning why pro-lifers don’t give up the fight [“Fighting the good fight against Roe, 40 years later,” op-ed, March 2].

In explaining his reversal from atheist, pro-abortion activist to Catholic pro-lifer, the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a co-founder of the precursor to NARAL Pro-Choice America, cited the moral witness of the Catholic pro-life community — the very group he had targeted and vilified in his abortion activist days. He stated, “I was converted to the cause of life because I was converted to the cause of truth.

It’s this truth that keeps us going. That, and the fact that, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta taught, God doesn’t ask us to be successful, only faithful.

Alexis Livia Mazzocco, Oak Hill