Regarding Robert McCartney’s Dec. 6 Metro column, “Putting the FBI’s headquarters in Prince George’s would serve the greater good”:

The main concern that should be addressed is not what is best for a particular county (or its politicians) but what is best for the nation. The FBI is part of the Justice Department. Its headquarters used to be housed within the Justice Department, while its second-largest field office, in Washington, was located just two blocks away in the Old Post Office Pavilion.

There has always been a need for the FBI to be near Justice, the federal courthouse and the countless other agencies that FBI officials work with on a daily basis. Even in today’s fast-paced, electronic world, the need for face-to-face meetings is critical to getting things right.

Keeping the FBI headquarters in Washington makes the agency more efficient and effective, which is without question a benefit to securing our national security. This is a higher priority than any others I have seen put forward yet on this debate.

Ronald T. Guerin, Annandale

The writer is a retired FBI agent.