In the Aug. 17 editorial “Political energy,” The Post argued that it’s a good idea to replace coal plants with inexpensive natural gas, which would rapidly cut greenhouse-gas emissions. But The Post also called for ending the production tax credit for wind, which also helps cut carbon emissions. Although the production credit costs some tax revenue in the short term, it’s worth it to nourish the fledgling wind industry.

Obtaining energy from wind is a significant way to improve air quality and the health of our citizens as well as to combat global warming. Expanding wind energy is important because, for example, natural gas might not always be so cheap, and it has its own greenhouse-gas and other environmental problems associated with fracking.

The editorial cited Iowa, which has become a model for wind energy production, thanks in part to the wind tax credit. It ranks second in the nation in installed wind capacity and first in employment related to wind energy, with 7,000 jobs. It also generates 20 percent of its energy from wind. The tax credit needs to be continued to encourage and foster this type of clean-energy production in Iowa and nationwide.

Bill Brockhouse, Alexandria