The headline on Colbert I. King’s July 14 op-ed, “Republicans are out to sabotage D.C. home rule,” was correct, but Mr. King’s prescription was not. The most regrettable sentence in the piece was the conclusion: “The only way to set right the wrongs inflicted upon the District is to send right-wing Republicans home.” Does Mr. King really believe his piece will make a difference?

A proven method to enfranchise D.C. residents exists: retrocession. Mr. King and others in the District, including Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), who many believe speaks for us, purposely do not and will not discuss the only way D.C. residents could ever be enfranchised without moving, because they are beholden to unimaginative self-sorting at its worst.

To win our enfranchisement, we must be beyond party. Douglass County, Maryland (the future county), is not about a political party. It is about righting a wrong. Placing policy beyond party is the only way that we will right this wrong, and for that matter, many others, too.

David Krucoff, Washington

The writer is executive director and founder of Douglass County, Maryland.