Nikki Haley at the White House on Oct. 9, 2018, in Washington. (Calla Kessler/The Washington Post)

In her May 12 op-ed, “A female president is coming soon, in 2024,” Kathleen Parker posited that the United States is still mostly a center-right country and that voters would be more comfortable with a conservative woman if they were to make the daring leap to vote for a woman. Both ideas are wrong.

Both assumptions will be further debunked if we make our elections more secure from foreign interference, voter suppression, machine hacking, gerrymandering and the influence of propaganda. These are steep challenges, but we haven’t begun to address them. Why? Because of complicit Republicans who damage the fairness of our elections because they know they cannot win fairly.

As a voter who ignores party lines if a candidate has insightful plans and positive leadership skills, I will never vote for Nikki Haley. I will never vote for anyone complicit in the current destruction of our great democracy. Many of them deserve jail time. I would vote for any of the women now running for president and have my favorites already. I vote based on policy ideas and strength of character, not whether someone has been smeared with a nickname.

Kathleen Kust, Alexandria