As a dedicated telecommuter (or as we say at my federal agency, “I flex”), I want to congratulate Monica Hesse for her laugh-out-loud skewering of Chief Executive Marissa Mayer’s elimination of telecommuting at Yahoo [“Yahoo ban on telecommuting stirs protest,” Style, Feb. 27].

It is hard to believe that, when the workplace is finally adapting to the enormous challenges we all face with work-life balance, a chief executive from hip-and-cool Silicon Valley would take a giant step backward, especially as compared with the stodgy federal government.

I want to confess, however, that Ms. Hesse’s difficulties in perfecting her faux report on Ms. Mayer’s personnel move — the intrusion of grocery lists, kid issues and weekend plans — occur for me wherever I sit, whether it’s downtown or in my kitchen. Don’t tell my bosses!

Nora Carroll, Silver Spring