Regarding Ruth DeFries and Doug Morton’s Aug. 23 op-ed, “The Amazon is on fire. But Brazil’s history offers lessons.”:

Catastrophic wildfires are raging in the Amazon. Does anybody care? What is the world’s reaction to the devastating fires consuming the Amazon and spewing black smoke over Sao Paolo that turns day into night?

When Notre Dame burned, the whole world took notice. Little children cried. Donations of millions flowed in from wealthy donors. Working people pledged their savings to rebuild their cherished landmark.

The Amazon is an unrivaled gold mine of biodiversity. It has been called the lungs of the world for its capacity to absorb greenhouse gases. It is at a tipping point. Clear cutting causes loss of moisture that leads to the fires we are seeing. If more forest is lost to clear cutting and fires, the process will feed on itself and the forest will be lost.

The fires consuming the Amazon are a far greater tragedy than the horrific fire at Notre Dame. Where is the international outcry to save this treasure?

Christen Kerr, McLean