President Trump at the White House on Nov. 29 ni Washington. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

In his Dec. 2 Sunday Opinion essay, “Beware the coverup,” Randall D. Eliason wrote that for the Trump campaign to be guilty of conspiracy, it would have to display a level of sophistication and skill that it did not have. This wasn’t necessary; the Trump campaign just had to positively coordinate and support the highly skilled operatives who were executing the conspiracy.

Also, deceiving the voting public about compromising connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin and perhaps other strongman-run countries should be a federal crime, because a compromised president and administration acting against our national interest directly harms our national security. If this is technically only a moral crime, then President Trump and his campaign officials should be charged with any crimes that may be linked to it.

Kathleen D. Kust, Alexandria