As the Oct. 30 editorial “Mr. Zinke is not above the law” pointed out, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is embroiled in controversy for a Montana land deal involving an executive from Halliburton — Mr. Zinke had previously promised the land would be used for a veterans peace park. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Zinke has used his military service as political cover for his misdeeds. But his words and actions are disrespectful to veterans.

When asked about the dangers of climate change at an event in August, Mr. Zinke shouted, “You haven’t served, and you don’t understand what energy is. I’d like to see your child have to fight for energy.” When he sought to raise entry fees at national parks across the country, he blamed discounts for veterans as a drain on revenue. He has attacked and undermined public lands on which veterans rely for peace and healing upon returning from service. And he didn’t stand up for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a vital source of funding for historic battlefields.

Mr. Zinke’s apparent disregard for ethics in government during his time as interior secretary does not reflect the values of our military.

Paul D. Eaton, Fox Island, Wash.

The writer, who retired from the U.S. Army as a major general, is managing director of
the Vet Voice Foundation.