Peace process veterans thought step one was solving the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Maybe we were wrong.

A divided population, the pandemic and more fall surprises make the predictions game risky.

  • Mike Shannon
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Rent-seeking has found a political home.

Centuries of history will limit the impact of Trump’s anti-China rhetoric.

  • Sean Fraga
  • ·

Ruth Bader Ginsburg defended the right to choose. With her passing, that right could disappear for good.

  • Mary Ziegler
  • ·

Between the end of the Cares Act and a CDC moratorium, landlords pounced.

  • Alieza Durana and Anne Kat Alexander
  • ·

The founding generation revised the country’s history to make the new nation work.

  • Michael D. Hattem
  • ·

Undergraduate athletes can't meaningfully 'consent' when they don't have any power.

  • Andrew Shuman and Marc Edelman
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  • Review

Andrew Weissmann targets Barr, Trump and his own Justice Department colleagues for criticism.

Absent structural reforms, the next fight could further destabilize the Supreme Court.

Trump administration actions against the Affordable Care Act have cost millions their health coverage.

What will endure in foreign policy if Biden beats Trump?

Her death on Rosh Hashanah means we all need to work for justice.

Smokey Bear led us astray. Preventing forest fires isn't just up to you.

  • Chuck Slothower
  • ·

Presidents should look beyond prosecutors and executive-branch lawyers for nominees.

  • Aziz Huq and Pam Karlan
  • ·

Rio Tinto has promised to act “in ways that are sensitive and responsive" to indigenous communities. It can live up to that promise now.

  • Lauren Redniss
  • ·

The attorney general has clearly demonstrated a desire to help the president politically.

  • Barbara McQuade
  • ·

The only attempt at an October confirmation in an election year offers clues as to what’s ahead.

  • KC Johnson
  • ·

Neither former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III nor the FBI took it on. It’s crucial someone does. This is a case for super-secret mole hunters.

  • Tim Weiner
  • ·

Teaching accurate history about white supremacy may be painful, but it's essential.

  • Jonathan S. Jones
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