Traumatic pregnancies are awful. Dobbs will make that so much worse.

Some pregnancies and births are difficult enough to give mothers PTSD. When a pregnancy is unwanted, the physical and psychological strains will be even more severe.

By Alissa QuartJune 24, 2022

Anatomy of a book banning

A South Dakota school district planned to destroy Dave Eggers's novel. He went to investigate.

By Dave EggersJune 24, 2022

The Supreme Court’s abortion decision is based on a myth. Here’s why.

How White Christian Nationalism’s version of history drives the Court’s reasoning despite being false.

By Samira K. Mehta and Lauren MacIvor ThompsonJune 24, 2022

Overturning Roe could threaten rights conservatives hold dear

Parental rights stem from the same liberty that the Supreme Court just began rolling back.

By Julia BowesJune 24, 2022

The Dobbs decision looks to history to rescind Roe

But the history it relies on is not correct.

By Patricia Cline CohenJune 24, 2022

What drove some to resist Hitler — and others to stay quiet

Halik Kochanski explores the motivations, and the uncomfortable realities, of World War II's resistance movements.

By Katja HoyerJune 24, 2022

A plan to fix the internet: Put the government in charge

Ben Tarnoff believes that on the web, the profit motive and the public good are inherently at odds.

By Gabriel NicholasJune 24, 2022

A generous exploration of creativity that embraces its mysteries

Journalist Matt Richtel doesn't have all the answers about the creative process — and that's a good thing.

By Eric WeinerJune 24, 2022

NBC’s Katy Tur took abuse from Trump; it reminded her of her childhood

The reporter chronicles her career, her volatile father and how she withstood Trump's bullying on the campaign trail.

By Janet HookJune 24, 2022

An evangelical youth event could offer clues about the movement’s future

TOGETHER ’22 aims to mimic EXPLO ’72 — which provided hints about the rising conservative evangelical tide.

By Benjamin J. YoungJune 24, 2022

The war in Ukraine is on track to be among modern history’s bloodiest

It is killing far more soldiers per day than the typical war — and all signs point to protracted conflict.

By Paul PoastJune 23, 2022

Russia is counting on the media to spread propaganda about show trials

How the media can avoid getting lured into a trap.

By Francine HirschJune 23, 2022

Title IX has been spectacularly successful and disturbingly unfulfilled

A lack of enforcement has blunted the law’s transformative potential.

By Anne M. BlaschkeJune 23, 2022

Did Trump believe his big lie? It’s irrelevant to proving his guilt.

Regardless of whether he thought the election was stolen, the place to look for the president's ‘criminal intent’ is in any illegal acts he directed in the aftermath.

By Ryan Goodman, Norman Eisen and Barbara McQuadeJune 22, 2022

The true mother of Title IX. And why it matters now more than ever.

Rep. Edith Green was the driving force behind Title IX in 1972.

By Sherry BoschertJune 22, 2022

Fifty years ago, these feminist networks made Title IX possible

The work of three women, in particular, helped pass this landmark legislation.

By Eileen H. TamuraJune 22, 2022

Testing failures helped covid spread. We must do better with monkeypox.

The U.S. risks repeating an error it made at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

By Jennifer B. Nuzzo and Jay K. VarmaJune 21, 2022

The Roman coup with lessons for addressing the Jan. 6 committee’s findings

The delicate balance that can prevent future threats to democracy.

By Josiah OsgoodJune 21, 2022

The legacy of decades of housing discrimination still plagues the U.S.

Food deserts, racialized poverty and underfunded education are consequences of housing discrimination decades ago.

By Menika DirksonJune 21, 2022