• Greg Harris
  • ·

The weight of years of sexual abuse in U.S. gymnastics is evident in Tokyo.

  • Wendy Kline
  • ·

The so-called "backlash effect" from voting restrictions is far from guaranteed.

  • Charlotte Hill
  • ·

Displacement and gentrification are the norm for preparing for the Games.

  • Michael McDougall and MacIntosh Ross
  • ·

How Philadelphia addressed violence before embracing tough-on-crime policing.

  • Menika Dirkson
  • ·

I'm only partially kidding.

Even if you're vaccinated, wearing a mask indoors can help protect other people.

  • Richard Peltier
  • ·

USA Gymnastics ain’t like it used to be. And thank goodness for that.

Banning such teaching isn’t colorblind; it would erase Black people from history and maintain White cultural dominance.

  • David A. Love
  • ·

Though Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised to change the government’s relationship with the press, the same toxic dynamics persist.

  • Leo Schwartz
  • ·

How Africa transformed Olympics activism.

  • Michelle Sikes
  • ·

Rejecting Mo Brooks’s request for the government to take responsibility for Jan. 6 remarks underscores the attorney general’s approach.

Inventions like Cleveland's Chief Wahoo prevent Americans from seeing real human beings who are part of contemporary tribes.

  • Carol Spindel
  • ·

In an interconnected world, ensuring that those doses aren’t wasted is both humane and prudent.

  • Govind Persad and Holly Fernandez Lynch
  • ·

Sure seems like it!

The pandemic worsened mental health problems, but solutions have long been elusive.

  • Hannah Zeavin
  • ·

The vaccines work. So it’s even worse to have to think about rationing care again.

How basketball diplomacy has imperiled American basketball dominance, while fostering cultural benefits.

  • Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff
  • ·

The growth of women’s rugby made it possible to get the sport back in the Olympics.

  • Lydia Furse
  • ·

But it only rarely works — and the risk to the church is high.

  • Christine Adams
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