Fingers crossed, this is the last entry in my pandemic diary.

Across Christian faith, the Eucharist has the power to heal divisions.

  • Steven Paulikas
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  • Perspective

Democrats swore they’d present a united front against Trump. Biden was the beneficiary.

As you ease back into post-pandemic life, here are some books to peruse along the way.

The definitions in an agreement with the Philippines have long been forgotten, but could have huge ramifications.

  • Gregory Winger
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Changes to the TV business model have finally started eroding the link between being LGBTQ and being White in popular culture.

  • Alfred L. Martin, Jr.
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The court is finally taking note of monopolistic wage suppression.

  • Eric Posner
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The ruling signals that the breakup of the NCAA is coming, and billions of dollars will be on the line as a new sports order is created.

  • Donald H. Yee
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Grand solutions win fans for unorthodox politicians but can turn out to be disastrous.

  • Branden Adams
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Yes, it’s frustrating Democrats now. But it could check the agenda of extremist Republicans.

  • David Super
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What happens next matters most.

  • Elizabeth Borgwardt and Christopher McKnight Nichols
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They just conceal what is really a partisan fight.

  • Erwin Chemerinsky
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Welcome to the least enlightening debate of 2021.

If the United States and Iran revive the nuclear deal, will anything change?

Trump understood the benefit of pairing less hostile rhetoric towards LGBTQ rights and harsh anti-LGBTQ policies.

  • Neil J. Young
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If the Biden administration wants to address migration, it must recognize U.S. complicity in Guatemala’s problems.

  • Catherine Nolan-Ferrell
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A unanimous opinion invites more challenges to current doctrine.

  • Aziz Huq
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The intensity and duration of the recent heat is a bad sign for the future

Circuses made entertainment a community event.

  • Les Standiford
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It’s not about the facts of the Holocaust, but how we present them.

  • Avinoam Patt
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