NFL head injuries draw public concern

In this poll:

More than half the public thinks the problem of concussions in the NFL needs to be dealt with, according to the survey. Still, nearly 9 in 10 fans say reports about head injuries will not make much difference in their plans to watch games this fall.

Poll Questions

Q: Is the problem of head injuries in the N.F.L. so serious that something needs to be done about it, or does nothing need to be done because these injuries are just part of the game?

No opinion

Q: (Among football fans) Thinking ahead to the upcoming N.F.L. season, do reports of the effects of head injuries make you less likely to watch football games, more likely to watch or do such reports not make a difference either way?

Q: Thinking about the past week, did you follow news stories about former N.F.L. players suing the league over concussions they suffered while in the league very closely, fairly closely, not too closely or not at all closely?

Q: Do you consider yourself to be a fan of professional football, or not? Are you a big fan, or not so big?

Q: (Among non-football fans) Have you ever considered yourself a professional football fan, or not?

No opinion

Q: (Among football fans) Would you say your interest in professional football has increased, decreased or stayed about the same over the past five or so years?

Q: (Among football fans) When you watch N.F.L. football games, which of the following do you enjoy seeing more -- scoring plays or hard hits?

Q: Why do you think your interest in professional football decreased? (OPEN END)