NFL football poll: playing through the pain

Poll Questions

Q: How often, if at all, did you play in NFL games while you were hurt?

Q: (IF PLAYED HURT FREQUENTLY/SOMETIMES/RARELY) When you played hurt, was that mainly because...?

Q: Looking back, do you wish you had played through pain more often, less often, or do you think you did this about the right amount?

Q: (IF WISH PLAYED THROUGH PAIN LESS OFTEN) At the time, did you feel you had a choice in the matter, or not? (About whether or not to play through pain)

Q: While you played in the NFL, did you ever feel pressure from team doctors to take medication you were uncomfortable with, or not?

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Q: As far as you can remember, did you ever take the pain medication known as "Toradol" from team doctors, or not? (Results based on players who retired 1990 and later)

Q: (IF TOOK TORADOL) How often, if ever, did you take Toradol before games to help with pain you expected to feel during games?