Marylanders loyal to health law despite website's problems

Poll Questions

Q: Overall, do you support or oppose the federal law making changes to the health care system?

No opinion

Q: As you may have heard, there have been problems with the Maryland government website. Do you think these problems are (an isolated incident) or do you think they are (a sign of broader problems in implementing the health care law)?

No opinion

Q: Which would you prefer, that Maryland (works to fix the state enrollment system) or that Maryland (stops using their state run system and adopts the federal health care exchange)?

Q: Who do you think is mainly to blame for the problems with Maryland's health care exchange program? (Governor O'Malley), (Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown), (Maryland state health care administrators), (federal government health care administrators) or someone else?

Q: As you may know, Maryland Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown is responsible for implementing the healthcare reform law in Maryland. Will this be a major factor in your vote for governor this year, a minor factor, or not a factor?