Confidence in voting and greatness of America

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Poll Questions

Q: How confident are you that the votes for president across the country will be accurately counted this year: very confident, somewhat confident, not too confident or not confident at all?

Q: Thinking about voter fraud - like the same person voting multiple times or someone voting who is not eligible - do you think this happens very often, somewhat often, occasionally or rarely?

Q: Do you think the United States is (less great) than it's been in the past, is (greater) than it's been in the past, or about the same?

Q: Overall, do you think people like you get fair treatment in this country, or not?

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Q: Compared with your parents' generation, is life for people like you better, worse or about the same?

Q: (IF WORSE) Do you think people in other groups than yours are getting ahead while people like you are falling behind, or are people in other groups falling behind too? (RESULTS BASED ON ALL RESPONDENTS)

Q: How much say do you feel people like you have in influencing what the federal government does - a lot, some, a little or none at all?