Democrats undecided about 2020 candidates, while Trump looks vulnerable

Poll Questions

Q: (AMONG REPUBLICANS/REP LEANERS) Would you like the Republican Party to nominate Trump to run for a second term as president next year, or would you like the Republican Party to nominate someone other than Trump as its candidate for president in 2020?

No opinion

Q: (AMONG DEMOCRATS/DEM LEANERS) If the 2020 Democratic primary or caucus in your state were being held today, for whom would you vote? (Open-ended, candidate names not read)

Q: (AMONG DEMOCRATS/DEM LEANERS) What's more important to you - that Democrats nominate the presidential candidate (whose positions on the issues come closest to yours), or the candidate (who seems most likely to defeat Donald Trump in November 2020)?

Q: (AMONG DEMOCRATS/DEM LEANERS) Which of the following do you think should be the most important priority in the U.S. right now?

Q: If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination for president would you definitely vote for him in the general election for president in 2020, would you consider voting for him or would you definitely not vote for him?

Q: Generally speaking, do you usually think of yourself as a...