Democrats largely uncommitted to 2020 candidates; split on desire for candidate who can win over independents or energize base

Poll Questions

Q: (LEAN DEM/DEF VOTE DEM) What's more important to you - that Democrats nominate the presidential candidate (whose positions on the issues come closest to yours), or the candidate (who seems most likely to defeat Donald Trump in November 2020)?

Q: (LEAN DEM/DEF VOTE DEM) What kind of candidate would you prefer the Democrats to nominate for president - (one who is best positioned to win over independent voters) or (one who is best positioned to energize the Democratic base)

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Q: (AMONG LEANED DEMOCRATS) If the 2020 Democratic primary or caucus in your state were being held today, for whom would you vote? (Open-end, candidate list not read)

Q: (AMONG LEANED DEMOCRATS) For whom would you vote?/Which Democratic candidate do you lean towards? (Open-end, candidate list not read)