It typically takes 18 to 24 months for a Syrian refugee to be considered and checked before being admitted. Here’s how it works.

The Islamic State's coordinated attacks across Paris that left 129 dead were a clear indication of the group's adoption of "global terror tactics."

"It is a totally new phenomenon."

Belgium is currently on heightened alert in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Paris.

Emirates okay'ed the swap, which will be worn in PSG's next two matches.

"Well played Belgium"

There appears to be no credible threat from ISIS.

There's no specific threat, just caution at America's stadiums.

Luckily, the police recognized the 27-year-old player immediately and they ended up posing for photos together.

Players will also wear black armbands.

"Je suis Paris" will not be far from their hearts.

Fighters say the synthetic amphetamine tablet allows them to stay up for days and fight -- and kill -- without fear.

It's sad that this needs to be said.

This is at least the second time this year that Turkish fans have disrupted a moment of silence to honor terror victims.

It puts Republican opposition to refugees in perspective.

Waves of bombings in the 1980s and 1990s spilled blood and set Paris on edge.

Jean Jullien's 'Peace for Paris' symbol went viral after the attacks in Paris on Nov. 13.

One of the most special moments was when the players posed together for a group photo.

The facts behind the hysteria.

"It was life-saving for those refugees who came to the U.S."

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