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The City of Light is a laboratory for experimental hotel concepts and creative design. Here are pinch-yourself perfect options.

By Mary Winston Nicklin

  • Jun 1, 2017

A newlywed visits Paris — with her mother-in-law — and returns 20 years later — as a mother — with 39 high schoolers in tow.

By Mary Novaria

  • May 25, 2017

France’s first floating hotel and the largest urban regeneration project since Baron Haussmann revolutionized Paris await visitors there.

By Mary Winston Nicklin,

  • Dec 29, 2016

A retiree swaps pet care for short-term accommodations in Versailles.

  • Oct 13, 2016

Louis XIV’s palace to be reinterpreted by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

  • Jun 2, 2016

The only thing wrong with the city’s charming cafes was the coffee. But that’s changing.

By Emma Jacobs,

  • May 4, 2016

The ringmaster of this trove of circus treasures wants you to look and touch.

By Maura Judkis

  • Apr 29, 2016

A mother feared her son wouldn’t want her as a sightseeing companion. She was wrong.

By Tracy Grant

  • Jan 22, 2016

A trip to Paris and the Champagne Valley showcases French food and drink at their finest.

  • Jan 8, 2016

Meet Viaduc des Arts and Promenade Plantée, the Paris park that inspired NYC’s High Line.

By Hugh Biggar

  • Jun 8, 2015

It’s not a U.S. import — it’s a century-old, vibrant part of French culture. Here, the best clubs to enjoy it.

By Rebecca Dalzell

  • Mar 6, 2015

The ‘Food Lover’s Guide’ author has a new edition and an enduring love for an ever-changing city.

By Joe Yonan

  • Mar 14, 2014

Some people like to stroll through the City of Light, but he dreamed of seeing the city by bicycle.

By Dennis Gaffney

  • Feb 13, 2014

Travelers with disabilities face many challenges in the Old World, but things are improving.

By Reid Davenport

  • Jul 25, 2013

Paris pharmacies offer a mother lode of fabulous — and inexpensive — cosmetics for every need.

By Kelly DiNardo

  • Jan 17, 2013

When the author’s pocket is picked in Paris, the incident sets him on a roller coaster of reflection about his life.

By Roberto Loiederman

  • Dec 13, 2012

John Baxter’s “The Most Beautiful Walk in the World” takes readers on foot through the many faces of Paris.

By Becky Krystal

  • Jul 29, 2011

Searching for the Paris of the ’20s on a self-made “Midnight in Paris” walking tour.

By Margo Hammond

  • Jul 29, 2011

DK Eyewitness Travel: Paris promises to be the only reference material you need when visiting the City of Light.

By Joe Yonan

  • Dec 10, 2010
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